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Ceramic Vessel Sink


AMRO Standard Collection

Our company offers a wide range of Standard & Custom vanities collection. We provide high quality MDF vanities within an affordable price range. Our customers can choose from the standard six colours we provide or choose from a colour palette to make a custom vanity. Standard vanity ranges between 24” - 72” wide and custom vanities can be up to 126” wide. We can build you the vanity of your choice in-house. 

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Summer 2022 Collection 


Experience the new designs and sleek look of our new luxurious series of vanity collections. These vanities are elevated off the floor opening up your space and making the room feel larger. You can have them wall mounted or add aesthetic legs to them. Choose yourself amongst different colours, finishes, textures and more.

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Explore an extensive selection of styles & finishes for your bathroom faucet. We make sure you can match the drain with the faucet to make it look whole. We offer a life-time warranty for all faucets you buy from our company. 

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Vessel Sinks 


We carry gorgeous vessel sink designs as they are more than ever trendy. Numerous colours and shapes are available at the store and online for you to browse and shop. Choosing a vessel sink is not only a statement piece but functionally it frees up your space under the counter for more storage unlike undermount sinks. We provide clear and coloured glass vessels and ceramic vessels to choose from. 

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