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Glass Shower

Loose a bulky frame & curtains to divide your shower space. Adding glass shower makes your bathroom look bigger and better. 


Bathroom Accessories

Add convenient space to use for necessary storage or décor in your Bathrooms.  

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Vanity & Towers  

Organize the plumbing, provide counter space and primary storage space for your Bathroom by adding New Vanities and Towers. 


Shower Kit

Enjoy the multiple benefits of one piece shower stall kits in your bathroom that ensure quality and longevity. 

Glass Shower

Glass Shower

Since the bathroom isn't a favorite place to clean, showers and bathtubs can be challenging to clean. Installing a frameless glass showers has numerous advantages, for starters it makes the bathroom look bigger, allows light to pass by the shower area, no difficult seals on the edges which doesn't allow mold to build-up. These shower glasses come in any sizes to fir your shower as required.

We offer a 9 mm thick tempered glass for all types of glass shower designs because it looks new for years to come, it is the best safety option for a shower, they are customizable & easy to clean. 

Find the right fit for your bathroom from the 4 different designs we offer and complement it with an elegant glass door enclosure and acrylic base. 



- These are swinging doors with a pivot hinge that allows them to swing 180 degrees in either direction. 


- Single shower design has two door out of which just one is guided by metal tracks to  help it slide open easily. 


- A shield door is a single fixed piece of glass that stands by the shower to avoid water splashes on the other side. 


- By enclosing your shower, you keep the cold air out and the water in. Shower curtains offer protection, but mildew and mold can build up on the liner. Solid shower enclosures that are both walls and doors work best, as they don't promote mold growth.

Vanity and Towers 

Vanity and Towers 

Towers and vanities provide ample of handy storage space for linens, accessories and more in a bathroom. Placing the towers adjacent to the vanity makes it look symmetrical and aesthetic all together. They come in six standard colours: White, Dark Blue, light and dark greys, Rivera and Dark brown. There are many more colours too chose from for a custom vanity & tower. Our standard sizes range from 24"- 72" as well as custom sizes according to your requirement. 

Shower Kits 

Shower kits

We carry two types, two and three way shower kit system. In a two-valve diverter, hot and cold water are controlled by rotating valves, and shower and tub water are controlled by a second valve. In a three-valve diverter, cold and hot water can be adjusted separately, plus a central knob diverts water from the tub to the shower.

Bathroom Accessories 

Bathroom Accessories 

Having bathroom accessories like shelves & niches gives you a clutter free space beside your tub or inside the shower. We offer different colours for bathroom accessories to match your bathroom hardware and make it a focal point of your bathroom. 

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